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We are Malaysia's First Online Textbook Buyback Service, Guaranteed!

The moment you head out from High School and into Tertiary Education, it is more often than not all about the money! Tuition fees, lodging rentals, essentials like food and your phone bills! Woudn't you want to have slightly more cash for yourselves to own the latest Gadgets or just have spare cash to enjoy more often at the movies, classier dining or cool places with your buddies? TextbookAsia.com is here to provide students the opportunity to have that spare cash to do whatever they want.

At TextBookAsia.com, we can help you save up to 50% or more with our new Guaranteed BuyBack Programme! Typically, each semester Students spend hundreds buying textbooks alone and at the end of each semester, most of these textbooks will be sitting ducks on shelves collecting grey dust that becomes an inch thick upon graduation. Others may unknowingly become a sales person when the new semester begins, hunting down fresh students trying to dispose off their used books at probably a fraction of the price they have bought it for. However, finding the right students or new students to buy books isn't that simple as it seems. Therefore, at TextBookAsia.com"It's Education the Savvy Way!"

You might ask what are the benefits of buying textbooks from us compared to the conventional way. Here are some of the major benefits:-